Hey guys!

How is married life so far?  Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful first few months together as Mr + Mrs! #fistpump lol

Here's a wee selection of images from your wedding day to remind you of how beautiful your wedding day was.

Following this, you will also receive an email from me with a link to your complete online gallery that will feature your Engagement + Wedding images.  
These are ready for you to download print + media quality images :)

I will then be working on your photobook, and when that arrives in my hands I'll send that off to you with a wee something to say #fistpump; you're awesome!

Feel free to share this wee clip with your family + friends :)

You will hear from me again very soon.  In the meantime, grab a nice hot cuppa and get comfortable :) Enjoy x

p.s. Watch in 720p HD for best quality :)