I had been thinking for some time to revive my personal blog.  In 2010, I was diagnosed with a spinal infection that would lead to paralysis from the waist down.  Thankfully, my doctor had prescribed antibiotics before I began to feel excruciating pain and it had begun to combat the infection.  This condition landed me in hospital for two weeks and off work for four months.  I wasn't the same even a year later and decided to take six months off work to fully recover.  You can find my personal blog here >> The Insights of a Virtuous Woman

I am now into my 20th month as a full-time business woman running three businesses: My Heart Follows Photography, Confetti Love Boutique and Ivy | Photography + Designs.  There have been many highs and equally many lows.  Many lessons learnt and I'm pretty sure many more to come. 

On my second anniversary (1 Oct 2015) as My Heart Follows Photography I'm going to be running a Photography Business workshop for starters or refiners.  So for those looking to start a photography business and for those already started but looking for some new direction or new insight.  They are my refiners.  Refining their business with new perspective and new learnings.

At the end of this month, I'll be speaking at a women's conference at Life City Church, Wainuiomata, Wellington.  The conference is called "She Is...".  I'm pretty excited to join the party as an Elective speaker and holding a workshop on being CREATIVE and what that means to me in my business and in my life and ultimately with God.

So what will people find in this new blog.  Definitely lessons learnt.  Ultimately this blog will help me to process what is going on and how I can refine my craft to bringing my clients quality work and work that is true to my heart and to my vision.  I will share exciting things that are going on in my life and in all areas of it.  Ultimately I'm writing this to inspire others as it re-inspires (that a word?) me in this life :) 

Contemplated on what to call this blog....and decided on "REFINEMENT".  

Definition:  the improvement or clarification of something by making small changes; cultured elegance in behaviour or manner

Living my life and refining it :)

If there is anything that you would like me to write about then comment below would love to hear from you.