The word "Becoming" has been in my head over the weekend. 

Definition "Become" - to come, change or grow to be; to come into

I met with a creative friend for coffee in this cute wee cafe.  We meet, we laugh, we share....and we critique.  He shared some thoughts with me about one of my businesses, that had he shared with me a year or two ago, I would've gone home, sat in my room and contemplated giving up.  I am grateful to have a friend in the industry that is not afraid to share his thoughts with me and to care enough to share them with me.  So I received his feedback with an open mind while guarding my heart to take in what will build me up and not break me down.

It isn't easy to receive feedback that can easily settle in your heart and dwell in its dark corner to only come out when you need reminding of how ill-equipped you are.  But can just as easily take such feedback on board as a perspective, new insight, making clear of what may have already been in your heart.  

So I chose this opportunity to take on board my creative friend's feedback as a "check-in" point.  Check-in points for me are exactly that, times in my life where I need to sit, reflect, evaluate, seek advice, re-evaluate and then act.  Check-ins allow me to check my priorities, check my actions, check my attitude and check my spirit.  When all of these don't align to the same purpose, then I have to let go of something.

Thinking about the word "becoming" over the weekend reminded me, that failure is part of the journey to success.  Failures, new directions, set-backs whatever you call it, they are all part of the refining process to giving your best in what you are called to do.  Some set-backs this year have most definitely had an effect on me, I won't lie, emotionally, physically and mentally.  I've had my moment to mourn silly mistakes, and have given time to reset-forward.  I am reminded that everything I am doing in life is a process of "becoming" who I am called to be, as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, leader, servant and friend.  I am coming into the woman I was made to be.  

My husband shared a great message over the weekend about "reflection" and being mindful of reflecting God even in the details.  That is my focus this week to work on the details.  I am a huge dreamer and my mind is always filled with new dreams and new ventures, so checking in on my details can often be overlooked.  They say "The devil is in the detail", my response is "and so is my God".

Colossians 3:23 "Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people"