Taupo | Wedding | Finie + Evelina

Evelina is an old friend of ours who 12 years earlier had actually attended my wedding.  Over the years we had kept in touch here and there, so to hear from her again was so lovely.  When you hear a potential client say that they had considered you to do the photography for their day but wanted to try someone local and then found they kept coming back to you.  You know it was meant to be.

Finie is Indian and Evelina is Samoan.  With that combination I knew their wedding was going to be a celebration of cultures coming together.  Before their big day, I drove to meet them half and shot their engagement session near the Kaimanawa Ranges along the Desert Road.  It was grey and yet beautiful.  A very relaxed session hanging out with them both.

Their wedding day was a long awaited one for everyone especially Finie and Evelina.  Testimonies shared on their day by close families and friends spoke of their personalities that were caring and selfless.  It sounded like a match made for only each other.

A beautiful day was set aside for these two I believe.

Favourite memory was of Finie sharing with me that his brother living in America who couldn't make it had gifted him and his new wife a grand entrance via Helicopter to their reception.  It was such a sweet gesture.